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Introducing Availity’s Mission Moments Series

We’re excited to launch our Mission Moments series, featuring powerful stories from Availity associates that showcase the meaningful moments which have inspired their dedication to making a positive impact in healthcare. At Availity, we believe every patient deserves a delightful healthcare experience, and our mission is to create connections and deliver technology that help healthcare businesses succeed.

Each day, our associates work diligently to fulfill this commitment, and many have their own personal mission moment they’re eager to share. Whether it’s collaborating with a colleague, assisting a client, or helping a family member navigate the healthcare system‌‌, Mission Moments remind us of the importance of what we do every day.

Today, we’re spotlighting Travis Froehlich, Senior Director, Brand Marketing and Corporate Communications at Availity, who reflects on his Mission Moment from over nine years ago that still fuels his passion and dedication in his current work.