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Real-time letter delivery with digital correspondence

The business relationship between payers and providers involves the sending of many different types of letters in support of many different programs and initiatives. Availity’s Digital Correspondence Hub helps payers transition from costly, manual mail delivery options to real-time digital delivery.

Reduce print and postage costs

By one payer’s estimate, it spends around $100 million on mail delivery expenses. Eliminating or reducing the number of letters mailed to providers each year can drive significant cost savings and reduce the administrative backlog caused by delayed delivery.

Get visibility into when letters are delivered and opened

When sending provider letters through the U.S. Postal Service, it’s challenging to confirm delivery unless you opt for more expensive tracking options. Digital Correspondence Hub makes it easy to see when letters are received, by whom, and whether they are opened or forwarded.

Implement multiple letter types

Digital Correspondence Hub is built on a universal API protocol, allowing it to support many different types of provider letters, including:    

  • Authorization letters
  • Claim determination letters
  • Cost containment letters
  • Regulatory communications
  • And many others

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