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Ensure compliance with provider directory mandates

Maintaining accurate provider directories isn’t just good business practice, it’s required by many state and federal regulations, including the No Surprises Act. Availity’s Provider Data Management (PDM) helps payers maintain the most up-to-date provider demographic information—which feeds provider directories—by making it easier for staff at provider offices to review and attest to the information within their workflow.

Receive regular and ongoing monitoring of provider data

Provider information changes so quickly, so payers need a solution that:

  • Uses daily information from the provider network and third-party data sources to monitor changes in provider data
  • Compares data changes against a payer’s “golden record”
  • Tracks over 3.1 million NPIs and over 700 thousand businesses across the United States across all specialties and facilities

Reduce provider abrasion and improve attestation rates

Provider offices regularly receive phone calls and letters from their payers asking for demographic updates, which places a significant burden on administrative staff. PDM reduces this burden by:

  • Notifying the right contact at the provider office within their workflow 
  • Delivering only the relevant, contextual information to the administrator 
  • Allowing for corrections to be quickly made and attested to

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Provider Directories

Maintain compliance by capturing provider demographic updates at the source.

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