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Help your providers get the information they need in their preferred workflow.

Improve engagement with your provider network by making it easier for them to obtain the information they need to provide high-quality care and bill for services. Availity’s solutions help you deliver the right information to your providers at the right time and place.

Reach all providers through one integrated platform

Payers on the Availity platform can seamlessly connect to their entire provider network through the providers’ preferred channels—whether that’s a provider portal or an EHR/practice management system. Availity also serves as the single point of connectivity with trading partners nationwide, assuming the burden of managing vendor contracts and technical end points.

Deliver value-added information in the provider workflow

Standard HIPAA ANSI X12 transaction responses offer limited details, prompting providers to frequently contact payers for additional patient coverage or claim status updates. Availity can help payers reduce these phone calls by leveraging value-added RESTful APIs to deliver more detailed information to the provider.

As part of the Eligibility and Benefits response (X12 271), you can use Availity APIs to deliver information related to Member ID Card, Cost Estimation, Care Reminders, and Additional Benefit Information. Availity has also created an Enhanced Claim Status API that supports more than 300 additional data fields than standard Claims Status (X12 277) response.

Communicate with providers more effectively

Delivering timely information to providers has long been a challenge. Availity has multiple communication channels within Availity Essentials that make this easier, including transaction-level messaging and notifications delivered through the provider’s dashboard. Our Digital Correspondence Hub also supports digital delivery of payer-provider letters, reducing print and mailing costs.

Availity also offers assistance in enhancing provider demographic data through our Provider Data Management (PDM) solution. This tool scans the healthcare environment and promptly notifies providers of any workflow changes.

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Availity Essentials

Learn how Availity can help streamline provider workflows and improve collaboration.


Provider Data Management

Maintain accurate provider directories with Provider Data Management solutions from Availity. Get ongoing monitoring and ensure compliance today.


Intelligent Gateway

Seamlessly connect and exchange administrative data with providers and other trading partners.


Digital Correspondence

Reduce print and postage costs and replace manual processes with digital mail delivery.

Case Study

Availity’s Authorization Solution

Health plans and providers don’t always see eye to eye, but when it comes to prior authorizations there’s strong consensus that the process isn’t ideal—for anyone.

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