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Optimize revenue cycle management with Availity Essentials Pro™

As healthcare grows more complex, hospitals and medical practices require revenue cycle management solutions that streamline critical workflows, prevent denials, and expedite payments without overburdening existing staff.

Availity Essentials Pro™ is a revenue cycle solution that simplifies claim and payment processing through an integrated, all-payer clearinghouse that features robust pre-service, post-service, and post-adjudication capabilities.

Prevent downstream revenue cycle errors with pre-service capabilities

Pre-service tasks such as insurance eligibility verification, securing prior authorizations, and clarifying patient financial obligations are fundamental components of a resilient and efficient revenue cycle. Essentials Pro’s automated pre-service tools include: 

  • Real-time and batch eligibility and benefits throughout the claims lifecycle 
  • Prior authorization solution integrated into the provider EHR workflow
  • Denial prevention and denial management to help drive ROI 
  • Patient financial clearance with demographic, coverage, and responsibility data

Efficiently manage claim activities with AI and automation

Manual claim management processes hinder efficiency, financial stability, and patient care. Essentials Pro simplifies electronic claim management for providers, reducing errors and offering analytical tools to enhance insights. Advanced claim management features include: 

  • Automated claim submission for all claim types 
  • AI-powered predictive editing that analyzes claims for errors
  • Advanced edit/error management to help reduce back-end denials 
  • Real-time claim tracking to swiftly identify and rectify issues

Take a proactive approach to manage denials for faster payments

Providers want more effective ways to identify and prevent denied claims so they can reduce administrative rework and lost revenue associated with them. Essentials Pro helps them do this with:  

  • Remittances solutions for receiving and managing payment information 
  • Denial management tools to identify denial patterns and streamline appeals workflows
  • Patient financial statements and payments in a consolidated platform 
  • Advanced analytics and custom reporting on operations

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Epic Integration

Availity seamlessly integrates with Epic for patient management, claims management, optimized workflows, and revenue cycle support.


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Case Study

Identify attachment requirements before claim submission

Find out how one health system reduced denials and accelerated reimbursement with Essentials Pro Attachments.

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