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Submit claims to more health plans with Essentials Plus

Availity Essentials Plus allows individual practitioners and small medical practices to use the Availity Essentials platform to reach more payers. With this subscription-based offering, providers can manage critical pre-service and billing activities without having to invest in an expensive practice management system.

The difference between Essentials and Essentials Plus

Essentials is Availity’s multi-payer provider portal that’s sponsored by select payers. Providers can submit to payers on Essentials for free. An Essentials Plus monthly subscription allows providers to check eligibility and submit claims for many non-sponsoring payers.

Visit the full list of payers available on Essentials and Essentials Plus by visiting the Availity payer list.

Patient eligibility and benefits verification   

Getting the most up-to-date patient insurance information from more of your health plans with Essentials Plus.  

Claims submission and claim status updates    

Essentials Plus lets providers submit institutional and professional claims using intuitive, web-based forms. They can also check claim status through the dashboard.

Get started with Essentials Plus

  1. Log into your Essentials account. If you don’t have an existing account, you can sign up for free.
  2. In the Availity Essentials navigation bar, select Patient Registration | View Essentials Plans or Claims & Payments | View Essentials Plans.

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Availity Payer List

View the full list of health plans available on Essentials and Essentials Plus.


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