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Healthcare connectivity through the API Marketplace

The future of digital healthcare solutions requires fast, scalable, and secure connectivity across the healthcare ecosystem. Availity’s REST and FHIR-based APIs provide the foundation for data-driven administrative and clinical applications. Availity delivers: 

  • Reliability: Get accurate, up-to-date information directly from payers without relying on bots or screen scraping
  • Integration: Integrate rich healthcare information directly within EHR, revenue cycle, and clinical application workflows 
  • Speed and scalability: Bypass healthcare interoperability challenges and deliver innovative products to market faster

Streamline upfront processes and improve the patient experience

Availity’s suite of Eligibility and Benefits APIs delivers fast, accurate coverage information, including exclusive value-added content previously only available through the Availity Essentials portal.

  • Coverages
  • Cost Estimation
  • Care Reminders
  • Member ID Card

Reduce the administrative burden of prior authorizations

From determining whether a health plan requires authorization for a service to delivering supporting documentation, Availity’s Authorization APIs help streamline one of the industry’s most challenging processes.

  • Service Review
  • Is Auth Required
  • Create Prior Authorization & Referral
  • Check Prior Authorization & Referral Status
  • Authorization Attachments
  • FHIR-Coverage Requirements Discovery (CRD)
  • FHIR-Prior Authorization Support (PAS)

Improve post-service processing

Availity’s post-service APIs feature the most complete and contextual claim status information available from payers, helping to reduce phone calls and minimize reliance on screen-scraping technology.

  • Claim Status
  • Enhanced Claim Status
  • Claim Attachments

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