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Managing revenue cycle operations has grown increasingly more complex. Along with day-to-day pre- and post-claim operations, you have to prioritize connectivity, reliability, and security. Because Availity sits at the intersection of payer-provider collaboration, we understand the importance of balancing the needs of all stakeholders.

Availity’s solutions for hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations focus on your priorities—reducing denials, getting paid quickly and accurately, and streamlining revenue cycle staff workflows. 

Tailored solutions for Providers

Streamline workflows, reduce denials, and ensure accurate payments.

Revenue Cycle Management

Learn how Availity can help you prioritize care with automated RCM solutions covering pre, post-service, and post-adjudication phases.

Eligibility & Coverage

Verify your patients’ eligibility and coverage information through a trusted partner.


Reduce time spend waiting for authorization approval.

Claim & Claim Status

Reduce denials and get paid quickly and accurately.

Denial Prevention & Management

Discover how Availity’s robust revenue cycle tools support denial prevention and management, reducing write-offs and optimizing cash flow.

Are you a Payer? Check out our solutions tailored specifically for Payers.

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Case Study

Identify attachment requirements before claim submission

Find out how one health system reduced denials and accelerated reimbursement with Essentials Pro Attachments.

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