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Clinical data monitoring and quality improvement

Clinical data is the digital currency of today’s healthcare ecosystem. However, clinical data is difficult to leverage in its raw form due to quality issues. Availity Fusion™ makes it easy for payers to evaluate the quality of clinical data and transform it into a strategic asset for immediate use across the enterprise. 

Evaluate the quality of clinical data

Availity Fusion’s Data Dashboard uses over 400 configurable rules to weigh and measure source data usability helping to identify non-compliant documentation, conflicting dosage instructions or inconsistencies in units, disparities between human and machine-readable information.

Attain up to 80% improvement in clinical data quality 

Healthcare decisions and actions should be informed by standardized data that’s accurate and reliable. Availity Fusion™ improves the quality and usability of clinical data by:

  • Structuring data into industry standards (FHIR)
  • Removing duplicate entries and errors
  • Enriching data with metadata and classifications
  • Building longitudinal patient records 

Harness high-quality clinical data for strategic initiatives

Once your organization’s clinical data has been structured, enriched, deduplicated, and summarized, it can be used for data-driven decision making and strategic initiatives including but not limited to:  

  • Risk adjustment
  • Predictive analytics
  • Care management
  • Compliance

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