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AI-powered authorization reviews for health plans

Unlike many healthcare transactions, prior authorization is not a simple inquiry and response. It’s a complex conversation that evaluates medical necessity against a member’s medical record and a health plan’s guidelines. Availity AuthAI™ simplifies this process by tackling the problem at a critical touchpoint—determination of medical necessity.


Leverage the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and clinical data

Rather than relying on statistical modeling based on historical data, AuthAI harnesses the power of AI, NLP, and clinical data. Developed and refined over several years, this proprietary utilization management engine helps deliver speed and accuracy to medical necessity reviews and near real-time decisions at the point of care for patients.


Automate up to 80% of the utilization management workload

With insight captured from clinical data and a payer’s unique medical policies, AuthAI eliminates the manual review process, and—in most cases—can recommend approval in seconds. As a result, payers can: 

  • Reduce administrative burden and manual processes
  • Increase operational cost savings, with some estimates up to 50%
  • Enhance provider and member satisfaction

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Availity Essentials

Learn how Availity can help your health plan streamline provider workflows and improve collaboration.


Availity Essentials Pro

Boost efficiency, prevent denials, expedite payments with Availity Essentials Pro End-to-End RCM.


EDI Clearinghouse

Discover how Availity can help you connect to health plans nationwide with its EDI Clearinghouse.


Intelligent Gateway

Learn how Availity can help you seamlessly connect and exchange administrative data with providers and other trading partners.


End-to-End Authorizations

Learn how Availity eases prior authorization burdens with AI-driven solutions to help reduce costs and improve care.


AI in Authorizations Whitepaper

How AI, automation and business intelligence are changing the prior authorization game.

Case Study

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Case Study

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