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How to Modernize Your EDI Platform

Migrating to a modernized EDI platform is a significant change to mission-critical infrastructure but doesn’t have to be a risky proposition. This three-part series offers proven strategies for EDI modernization, including platform consolidation, vendor evaluations, and communication tactics. You can also learn more about Availity’s EDI platform by downloading our new eBook.

A health plan’s EDI infrastructure is mission-critical, serving as the foundation for communication between health plans and providers. As a result, health plans prefer not to make changes that could potentially disrupt their provider network. While caution is understandable, it can also lead to a status quo bias that prevents organizations from evaluating new processes that can lead to operational improvements.

A good example of this is maintaining more than one EDI gateway vendor. In the early days of electronic data exchange, it was common for health plans to work with multiple vendors. Today, EDI processing has largely commodified, leading to industry consolidation and economies of scale for the remaining vendors. For health plans, this means three great reasons to consider a vendor consolidation strategy:

  1. Reduced operational expenses
  2. Improved clean-claim rate
  3. Deeper insights from better data

Is your health plan ready to consider a vendor consolidation strategy? Get the details behind these reasons and more in our recently released eBook, “Modernizing Your EDI Solution.” Take the first step by downloading our eBook.