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Hina S

Hina S

Manager, Purchasing and Administration
Availity India

Ten years ago, Hina took her love of new challenges and accepted a position as a Senior Process Associate. Since joining the team, she has taken advantage of all the diverse opportunities available to grow with Availity India. Her newest role as the Manager of Administration and Purchasing is her most exciting role yet, combining her vast experiences and her previous in-depth knowledge in medical transcription with her affinity for developing processes. 

She explains, “Availity is like a second home to me. I started as Senior Process Associate and then became team coordinator and held the role for close to 7 years. Around that time, I started developing an interest in management roles. I gained knowledge and skills from supportive colleagues. I am glad that Availity quickly identified my strengths and positive interactions with others and offered me a management role in facilities administration and procurement.” 

As a Psychology graduate, Hina appreciates the positivity and acknowledgments of her work by associates and management. Being open to new challenges has also been key to her success. She says, “If you continue to do what you are doing, you will continue to get what you are getting. Availity has inspired me to grow in the healthcare domain and to make a difference every day in our industry.” 

Describing herself as truly fulfilled and content, her career has also provided her the chance to have a great work-life balance, so she has lots of time to catch up with friends and family and indulge her love of shopping! 

Just for fun

Favorite Book – Doctors
Favorite movie – Anything that entertains me!
Favorite food – Arabian and Turkish cuisines