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Clinical data + administrative data = patient health + financial health


The Clinical Gateway comes with its own set of functionality, but many of its enhanced capabilities rely on either the Provider Engagement Portal or the Intelligent Gateway to deliver content into the providers’ workflow. Also, some capabilities, such as AutoAuth Create and Exchange, require all three products (Clinical Gateway, Intelligent Gateway and Essentials).


Clinical Gateway Capabilities

Availity - Clinical Gateway - Patient Care Summary

Patient Care Summary

A health plan looking to improve care coordination can send a provider the claim-based insights that the plan has gathered from other providers, from labs, and from pharmacies.

Admission Discharge and Transfer

Today, many health plans receive ADT and 278N information via fax, mail or phone, and many times the ADT is received when it’s too late to impact the patient’s experience. However, Availity connects to the hospitals’ information system and monitors ADT messages, which we can then share via VPN or a SFTP raw data file through our Clinical Gateway.

Availity - Clinical Gateway - Admission Discharge Transfer
Availity - Clinical Gateway - Lab Exchange

Lab Exchange

Lab results are critical for quality measure reporting and for monitoring chronic conditions. Clinical Gateway customers receive lab results (HL7 and custom flat files) via VPN or a SFTP raw data file.

Medical Record Exchange (raw file; without a user interface)

Medical Record Exchange allows health plans to electronically communicate with providers and exchange medical records (x12 277 – 275 and HL7 C-CDA) without using mail, fax or phone, and without having to hire an expensive release of information vendor.

Availity - Clinical Gateway - Medical Record Exchange

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