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6.16.2023 By Availity


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an essential part of healthcare billing and payment processing. For this reason, selecting the right EDI vendor is critical.

As a practice administrator or medical billing service owner, you understand the importance of streamlining the billing process and improving the overall efficiency of your organization. An EDI clearinghouse can play a critical role in achieving these goals by facilitating the secure and efficient exchange of electronic transactions between you and your payers.

A new Availity white paper—Why You Need an EDI Clearinghouse—explains the benefits of investing in the right technology, features, and capabilities and how to select the right vendor to meet your organization’s needs, ensure a smooth migration, communicate your strategy to your provider networks, and scale with your evolving business goals.

Whether you are just getting started with electronic billing or looking to optimize your current process, this eBook will provide you with information to help you make the best decision for your practice.

Why You Need an EDI Clearinghouse explores:

  • The benefits of partnering with an EDI clearinghouse vendor
  • How to select the best EDI clearinghouse for your practice
  • Why Availity is the best choice for direct submitters

Whether you're a small-practice physician, vendor, trading partner, or something in between, Availity has an EDI clearinghouse solution designed just for you.

For more information about Availity’s EDI Clearinghouse for direct submitters, get the ebook here.


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