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5 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction


3.07.2019 By Michelle Dowling, National Relationship Manager, TSYS Health Division


In a recent webinar TSYS coordinated with Availity, we discussed the importance of understanding today’s patients and their unique expectations. This understanding is measured by patient satisfaction, which gives providers valuable insights into the effectiveness of their care. Increasing patient satisfaction has become a major initiative for practitioners because it’s directly linked to patient retention. Here are the 5 components of improving patient satisfaction at your dental practice:

  1. Focus on care. Continue to provide high-quality service with a positive patient experience. Encourage the members of your team to suggest ideas for improvement.
  2. Efficiency is key. One of the top patient complaints is wait times. Aim to reduce wait times both for scheduling appointments and in the waiting room. Check-ins and check-outs are an important part of the process. 
  3. Adopt new technology. New technology can not only improve the services you provide, but also increases productivity in appointment making and scheduling. 
  4. Cost. Clear explanations of financial responsibility and insurance coverage help patients understand their part and plan accordingly. 
  5. Communication. Providing patients with necessary information is imperative to achieving a positive patient experience. This will empower your patients with knowledge about their diagnosis and treatment options when they leave your office. 

For long-term practice success, it is important for dental practices to establish a business that focuses on continuous growth and improving patient satisfaction. Through patient-centered service, your practice can be unstoppable. 

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A version of this blog was originally posted on Michelle’s Linkedin.

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