Optimize your revenue cycle with less effort

As the business of healthcare becomes more complicated, hospitals and physician practices need solutions that make it faster and easier to manage critical workflows throughout the entire revenue cycle, prevent denials, and receive payments faster without placing an additional burden on existing staff.

Availity’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution simplifies claim and payment processing while delivering intelligent reporting and analytics that pinpoint revenue cycle trends. Availity RCM integrates with almost any PM or EMR system and helps you optimize workflows to get the most from your technology investments. Our RCM team has vast experience helping practices, hospitals, and health systems of all sizes maximize profitability—from small providers with simple in-house systems to large, specialty Epic integrations.

Availity RCM Preservice Data Quality

Pre-service data quality

Many issues related to claim denials and patient payment can be traced back to problems at the front of the revenue cycle. Availity RCM helps you address these gaps with integration tools that eliminate manual processes and speed up your registration process.

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Powerful post-service claims management

You can’t let mistakes during the claim submission process affect your ability to get paid. Availity RCM helps prevent errors, while providing analytical tools that improve organizational insight.

  • Claims Submission—Submit claims in batch or one at a time in standard and non-HIPAA standard formats and receive real-time notification and line-item, detail-level tracking.
  • Edit/Error Management—Before claims are submitted, identify errors in real time such as those related to HIPAA compliance, eligibility, NPI, and payer-specific rules.
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Denial prevention vs. denial management

Don’t just manage denials—take active steps to prevent them. Availity RCM offers a suite of products and services to give you flexibility in developing end-to-end denial strategies that fit your organization.

Dramatically reduce error rates, improve cash flow, and reduce write-offs through customized claim edits and rules, appeals workflow management, and analytics and pattern reporting. Availity RCM also offers outsourced service options. Our suite is backed by experienced staff and industry-leading customer service to support your goals and offer guidance when needed.

Additional modules to increase your RCM power

Availity RCM offers several additional modules to further empower your revenue cycle management:

  • Take claims submission functionality to the next level with several options including: Secondary Claim Management, Drop-to-Paper for primary or secondary claims, Workers’ Compensation, All-Payer Attachments, Enhanced Medicare solutions, and Dental claim submission.
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Availity RCM Additional Modules

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