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Availity Fills in Staff Knowledge at the Point of Engagement with Patients

Health care is not one single system, but multiple systems offering a bewildering variety of diagnostic and treatment options, backed by a plethora of payment systems that vary from patient. According to Krisi Hutson, Senior Director of Solutions at Availity, AI can help administrative staff from the front desk to the billing office negotiate the maze.

Hutson points out that the average turnover of clinical administrative staff is 12-18 months. In this video, she lays out a typical scenario where a patient arrives for treatment and wants to know what the likely payment is. How can you expect an administrator to collect and analyze all the necessary information. That is where Availity helps.

Availity is also valuable for prior authorization and billing, where a huge amount of detail must be pulled together to demonstrate eligibility.

Hutson says that AI-driven automation was slow to arrive in clinical settings, but that administrators recognized its value when COVID-19 caused severe staffing shortages.  Now it can really benefit your staff by getting the right info to them at the point of engagement with the patient.  Although, it’s important to note that Availity has taken a strong stance in their effort to roll out responsible AI to healthcare.  This is key for companies using AI to gain trust from healthcare administrators.

In this video, she also talks about transparency and responsible AI, suggestions for reorganizing revenue departments, and the importance of a centralized approach to IT and rules.  Enjoy our interview with Krisi Hutson from Availity.

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