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For Providers

Streamlined workflows, secure and reliable connectivity, and world-class customer support provide the building blocks of revenue cycle success.

For Payers

Robust, omni-channel provider engagement solutions help reduce the cost and complexity of building and maintaining internal systems.

For Vendors

Nationwide healthcare connectivity delivers the reach you need to serve your customers.

A patient-centered approach to healthcare innovation

At the center of every payer-provider interaction is the patient, and ensuring a delightful experience for every patient requires deep collaboration throughout the care continuum.    

For more than 20 years, Availity has operated at the intersection of payers and providers, delivering an integrated provider engagement platform with mission-critical solutions that: 

  • Connect stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem
  • Streamline administrative and clinical workflows to reduce waste and abrasion
  • Leverage AI effectively and responsibly to deliver next-generation tools and experiences

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Active Providers


Vendor Partners

What can Availity do?
Simplify revenue cycle and provider engagement processes.

Availity’s two-sided network allows payers and providers to share accurate, up-to-date information earlier in the healthcare lifecycle. This process of shifting left helps create shared truths that reduce healthcare waste and abrasion, keeping the focus on optimized patient care.

Automate all the right things.
Deliver the right information at the right time in the right place.
Receive authorizations in seconds,
not days.
Digitize correspondence.
Answer questions early and completely.
Reduce denials and unnecessary rework.
Pay claims accurately the first time.
Infuse clinical content into administrative workflows.

Simplify the business of healthcare for payers and providers

Connect. Collaborate. Transform.

Common Issues for Providers

Revenue Cycle Management

Learn how Availity can help you prioritize care with automated RCM solutions covering pre-service, post-service, and post-adjudication phases.

Eligibility & Coverage

Availity offers diverse eligibility solutions for healthcare providers, systems, and vendors.


Leverage responsible AI for next-gen prior authorization solutions, minimizing care delays.

Claim & Claim Status

Discover Availity’s tailored claim submission and status solutions, ensuring seamless processes.

Denial Prevention & Management

Discover how Availity’s robust revenue cycle tools support denial prevention and management, reducing write-offs and optimizing cash flow.

Typical Obstacles for Payers

Provider Engagement

Streamline workflows, improve engagement and deliver better provider info with integrated Provider Engagement solutions from Availity.

Provider Directories

Ensure accurate provider directories with Availity’s provider data management solution.


Explore how Availity’s solutions enhance data sharing between payers and providers.

End-to-End Authorizations

Learn how Availity eases prior authorization burdens with AI-driven solutions to help reduce costs and improve care.

Digital Correspondence

Reduce print and postage costs and replace manual processes with digital solutions. Get letter delivery with digital correspondence from Availity.

Payment Accuracy

Lower admin costs and prevent revenue leakage with AI-powered payment accuracy solutions from Availity.

Insights from Availity

Case Study

Availity’s Authorization Solution

Health plans and providers don’t always see eye to eye, but when it comes to prior authorizations there’s strong consensus that the process isn’t ideal—for anyone.

It's time to find a better way with Availity.

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