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Welcome to Availity, the EDI Clearinghouse for VNSNY CHOICE Health Plans


Welcome! Beginning February 22, 2021, Availity will serve as a no-cost, intelligent electronic data interchange (EDI) partner for submitting HIPAA-compliant transactions to Visiting Nurse Service (VNSNY CHOICE). VNSNY CHOICE will support the following HIPAA transactions through Availity:   

  • 270/271 Eligibility and Benefits: Check coverage for a patient.
  • 837 I, P Claim Submission: Submit an institutional or professional claim.
  • 276/277 Claim Status: Check the status of a claim.
  • 835 Remittance Advice: Availity can support VNSNY CHOICE remittances in addition to your other ERAs managed through Availity. 

What does this mean to you?

If you are...


A provider organization that is currently registered on and sending EDI transactions to other health plans

Log in to the Availity Portal with your existing login and select My Providers > Enrollments Center. Use the following to help you set up your enrollments:

  • Payer Name: VNSNY CHOICE
  • Payer ID: 77073 for claims and ERAs
  • Payer ID: VNSNY for 270 and 276

A provider organization that currently submits EDI transactions through a non-Availity clearinghouse vendor

  1. Contact your clearinghouse to make sure they are connected to Availity as soon as possible.
  2. If you are interested in selecting Availity for all your clearinghouse services, see Choosing Availity as Your Clearinghouse Vendor. 

An existing Availity trading partner or clearinghouse vendor

Make sure EDI transactions for VNSNY CHOICE are redirected to Availity payer IDs:

  • 77073 for claims and ERAs
  • VNSNY for 270 and 276

A trading partner or clearinghouse who is not currently connected to Availity

You must sign up as an Availity High-Volume Trading Partner. See Choosing Availity as Your Clearinghouse Vendor

Choosing Availity as Your Clearinghouse Vendor 

Availity’s EDI Clearinghouse solution is available to submitters of all sizes. When you choose Availity, you get:

  • Direct access to the nation’s largest real-time health information network with connections to more than 2,000 payers nationwide, including more than 30 Blue plans and government payers like Medicaid and Medicare.
  • The largest network of free transactions in the industry.
  • Competitive pricing based on transaction volume. 

To learn more or to sign up, visit us at Availity EDI Clearinghouse.

Registering with Availity 

If you are not registered for the Availity Portal, click on the Register Now button below. For registration issues, call Availity Client Services at 1-800-AVAILITY (282-4548). Assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. ET – 8 p.m. ET.

Tip! Before starting the process, it is helpful to have basic information about your practice available, including your federal tax ID and NPI.

 By submitting the registration, you agree to be one of the administrators for your organization. 

Need additional support? Not sure who Availity is or what we offer? In these introductory webinar sessions, we’ll tell you about Availity’s tools and features to better manage your patients’ healthcare online. For help getting started, we'll also give you some quick tips on how to register for your free Availity account. Training is multi-payer and occurs monthly. All webinars are recorded for you to access at your convenience.

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