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Gain skills to succeed in a changing healthcare environment

Rapid changes in the healthcare industry make it tough for professionals and practitioners to stay current on trends, mandates, and best practices. At Availity, we offer a diverse selection of education and training options to help you and your staff keep pace and grow your expertise. Whether you need a quick refresher on a specific topic or you’re looking to establish a development curriculum for your staff, we invite you to explore our diverse training options available through the Availity Learning Center.

  • Broaden your skills to train for expanding job responsibilities
  • Improve the performance of your practice
  • Fulfill continuing education requirements

The Availity Learning Center provides courses on a variety of topics in varying formats. From self-service tutorials and guided product training modules, to live webinars on topics like HIPAA and ICD-10 led by well-known industry experts. You can even receive credits from the American Academy of Professional Coders for many sessions. There’s something for everyone, and registration is free.

National Healthcare Education Board

Availity established the National Health Education Board to help us better address the training needs of healthcare administrative and front-office staff. Our accomplished members include administrators and executives from practices and hospitals nationwide.

Availity Testimonial
“Everything we do is designed to help advance health care and help our clients build healthier businesses, but we realize that it’s not possible without a skilled workforce. Through the Availity Learning Center, we can help you get the training you need to be more effective in your job — and that is what will help move the industry forward.”
Russ Thomas | Chief Executive Officer at Availity