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Payer Lists

Payers in our network

Availity connects you to every health plan in the nation, helping you collect more revenue in less time than ever before. Whether you’re enjoying free access to multiple payers through the Availity Portal, or nationwide access through Availity’s Advanced Clearinghouse and Revenue Cycle Management products, you depend on timely and accurate information about your patients’ health plan coverage.

Your options to connect with health plans through Availity vary by product and location. View or download the most recent list of payers accessible through your product.

Web Portal Payer & Basic Clearinghouse List

Availity’s Basic Clearinghouse offers a large, but limited payer list, and is only available to existing Availity customers who have not yet been offered (or have not yet chosen) to migrate to the Advanced Clearinghouse. Providers can access this limited list of payers through the Web Portal or via direct (EDI) connection.

Availity clearinghouse customers who joined the network prior to 2013 are likely to be using the Basic Clearinghouse.

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Revenue Cycle Management Payer List

View a searchable list of Revenue Cycle Management payers, which can be filtered by location, payer type and transaction.

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Advanced Clearinghouse Payer List

Advanced Clearinghouse is a new offering from Availity that includes all-payer, all-transaction access to every commercial and government payer nationwide. Registration for the Advanced Clearinghouse is available only through your practice management system vendor; please do not register directly with Availity. Access to the Advanced Clearinghouse carries fees established by your vendor.

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