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This month we'll be syncing up with React Native Jax for lightning talks, or "Show and Tell" as I think of it. This means everyone is invited to share something they're excited about in 5-10 minute intervals. No pressure!


The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference features an exciting array of sessions focused on the very best educational content around successful operations and exceptional performance for individuals in the revenue cycle management industry and billing companies of all sizes.

When building web apps, we typically reach to Postgres or MySQL as a datastore. But what do you do if you need to deploy your application across multiple data centers, across the globe and you do not want to install a database server at each location? Today I will review an alternative approach using Mnesia, Erlang's built-in datastore and review why, in certain scenarios, you might want to consider using in your projects.

We all know the light bulb goes off one person at a time when, as Agile Coaches, we are leading an organizational transformation. Lately, James has been including more information in his Agile 101 class he teaches at CSX to hopefully encourages that light bulb to go off a little bit faster.

This is a framework for building CLIs in Node.js. This framework was built out of the Heroku CLI but generalized to build any custom CLI. It's designed both for simple CLIs that can be just a single file with a few flag options, or for very complex CLIs that have subcommands (like git or heroku).