There’s never a dull moment in a customer support environment. You have to be prepared for just about anything – any question, any feedback, from anyone.

But we find that many customers have questions around the same handful of topics. So we thought we’d pool together all of the years of experience we have within our Client Service Center and put together this handy list of tips and tricks to help you become an even savvier Availity Revenue Cycle Management user. Here goes…

1. What does that button do?

With all the functionality available within Availity Revenue Cycle Management, it can sometimes be difficult to remember what every button does. Luckily, there’s an easy way to find out. At the top of each screen, you’ll see a little button that says “Help.” This link will open what we call a Quick Reference Card, or a brief training aide, for that specific screen. It contains a description of every field and button on that screen, as well as helpful hints and instructions for performing common tasks. They are also a great – and quick! – resource to refresh or expand your product knowledge.

2. What is the easiest way to recover missing remits?

When dealing with a large number bank deposits/checks that do not have corresponding remittances (otherwise known as missing remits), the last thing anyone wants to do is spend a lot of time logging support tickets. We’re sensitive to this, which is why we’ve devised a sort of batch upload system to make it easier to start the resolution process. Just go to the Missing Remit Tracking screen, enter the required information, then highlight the rows you would like us to research (regardless of payer). Once you click “Support Ticket” and enter your contact information, missing remit entries will be automatically sorted and grouped by payer. On the back end, this generates a ticket per payer, which allows the support team to begin researching immediately, resulting in quicker resolution time for you.

3. I forgot my password, now what?

With all the different sites we now interact with on a daily basis, people on average use up to 10 different passwords per day. With different password rules and login requirements to keep tabs on, it’s no wonder we all find ourselves suffering from a password memory lapse from time to time. That’s why we make it easy for you to recover or reset it quickly, and be on your way. Just click “Forgot your password?” on the login page and answer one of your previously established security questions, and we’ll email you a temporary password to your registered email address.

4. I don’t know our PTAN, why do you need to know?

If you’ve ever experienced an issue with a Medicare claim and contacted support, you know that we ask for your Provider Transaction Account Number, or PTAN, before we can continue. Your PTAN is the primary identifier Medicare uses for all providers. The reason we ask for it is because we often have to contact Medicare on your behalf, and your PTAN is the first piece of information they require to begin researching the issue. So be sure to keep your PTAN handy to ensure your ticket is resolved as quickly as possible. If you log a ticket instead of calling on a Medicare issue, we recommend that you always include your PTAN for the quickest resolution.

5. Why should I log a ticket when I can just call?
Believe it or not, tickets often expedite the resolution process. Your best bet for a fast-tracked support case is often to log a ticket from a specific screen (for example, Edit/Error Management, Eligibility Management, etc.). When you do that, detailed information about that claim, eligibility request or otherwise are automatically included with your ticket. This not only ensures that critical information is immediately available, it also gives our support team one-click access to the raw data sent to our application or to the payer. So take advantage of this time-saving feature.

Of course, we are happy to take your calls about these and other issues, so don’t hesitate to contact your Client Account Manager or the Client Service Center at 1-877-927-8000.