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In this episode of Availity Access we discuss the problems caused when payers and providers each build their own solutions to manage patient data.

Cyber threats represent a big risk to healthcare practices but keeping your staff up-to-date on HIPAA training will send the message that this topic is mission-critical to your practice.

In this episode of Availity Access we discuss solutions that can streamline data sharing processes and reduce manual workflows for payers and providers.

In this episode of Availity Access we discuss how automation has affected the claims submission and processing activities for payers and providers.

The landscape of social media is fast-changing and the law is sometimes one step behind. Here are 4 ways your hospital or medical practice can take to guard against disclosure of patient information on social media.

Availity Access provides a glimpse into the people behind our products. It features commentary on challenges facing the healthcare industry and how Availity can help providers and health plans better share patient information. In this episode we discuss big data and the challenges it presents for risk adjustment.

Risk adjustment is used to calculate the underlying health status of a health plan’s population. For Medicare Advantage, it is the most significant factor in determining a health plan’s reimbursement. For exchange plans established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it determines whether the plan will receive additional funds or be asked to pay additional money at the end of the year.

The Care Cost Estimator is another example of how healthcare organizations are using APIs to facilitate communication between health plans and providers—without having to develop custom solutions. Not only do APIs reduce development time and costs, but they helps plans deliver more accurate estimates to providers and their patients.