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With more patients enrolled in high-deductible health plans, front-desk employees are facing difficult questions from patients about their healthcare coverage, but many lack the skills and training necessary to answer them. Here are 3 steps to help patient access staff provide better answers to difficult questions.

A recent Availity survey of providers found that almost half still mail or fax their risk assessments to payers. Results suggest this is because each payer has a different way to submit paperwork and most lack digital submission tools. In fact, almost 75 percent of survey respondents cited minimal standardization as their biggest pain point.

Come join @ShimCode and @HIT_MMartin to talk about the communications (or lack thereof) between providers and payers and the ways in which we can increase communications and data sharing between these two entities.

In this episode of Availity Access we discuss the problems caused when payers and providers each build their own solutions to manage patient data.

Cyber threats represent a big risk to healthcare practices but keeping your staff up-to-date on HIPAA training will send the message that this topic is mission-critical to your practice.

In this episode of Availity Access we discuss solutions that can streamline data sharing processes and reduce manual workflows for payers and providers.

In this episode of Availity Access we discuss how automation has affected the claims submission and processing activities for payers and providers.