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With all the uncertainty, there’s one question that keeps surfacing—will risk adjustment go away if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? The answer is no and here’s why – risk-based financial models extend far beyond those included in the ACA.

We’re gearing up for #HIMSS17 with an update on one of our favorite topics – Payer/Provider Collaboration! Join us Friday, 2/10 at 1pm ET, for our fifth #AskAvaility tweetchat and let us know what you think 2017 holds for #healthcare collaboration.

As part of a partnership with the Illinois Critical Access Hospital (ICAHN), Availity is working with several hospitals across the state to streamline registration operations and improve patient collections. By implementing our Patient Access solution, several have seen significant improvements, which have helped them maintain financial viability in a changing healthcare marketplace. In a newly published case study, we look at the challenges these hospitals face and the success they’ve had to date.

In this episode of Availity Access, Jeff Chester, Availity’s Chief Revenue Officer and Senior Vice President, discusses what he sees as the big healthcare trends in 2017.

Nationwide, just over six percent of healthcare claims are submitted using paper forms. That number has remained steady over the past few years, even though research has shown conclusively that providers can save more than 50 percent on administrative costs by submitting claims electronically.

It’s a brand new year and we’re bringing you more #healthcare and #HIT topics to chat about! On Friday, 1/13 at 1pm ET, our fourth #AskAvaility tweetchat will focus on Creating Positive Patient Experiences.