On March 31, the US Senate passed a bill to prevent cutbacks in reimbursement to physicians. But tucked deep in that bill was a one-sentence statement calling to delay ICD-10 implementation until Oct. 1, 2015. A few days later, with the President’s signature, the delay became law and everyone’s attention turned to the consequences of the decision.

While the extended deadline may be a sigh of relief for providers who were not prepared, it now forces many others – from providers to payers to vendors – to regroup. Many of you have invested great time and expense over months, if not years, preparing for this change. What’s next will take time to determine.

We ask for your patience while we evaluate what the delay means to you. It is important for us to understand the go-forward plans of our payers so we can understand how you need to prepare. We’re thoughtfully re-evaluating our timelines and recommendations on various aspects of preparation, such as testing and implementation strategies, and will advise you on next steps as soon as possible.

We recommend that you continue training your staff for this change, taking advantage of the free and low-cost webinars available through the Availity Learning Center and ICD-10 courses from Precyse University. With this program, you can access customizable self-paced learning modules, interactive webinars, educational games and assessments to prepare you and your office staff.

In the meantime, know that Availity is closely monitoring this situation and other government actions from a position of confidence that no matter what the outcome, we are prepared to accommodate any scenario that could affect your business. Because we have solid, yet flexible contingency plans for ICD-10 and other programs, you and your business will have the support you need.