Not every patient is as fortunate as Bill, with his connected healthcare providers and insurance plans. It's time to meet Harold, whose care team doesn't use the right tools to work together.

Harold is starting a new job, and that means a new benefits package. He needs to find a new doctor and go to his first appointment. Unfortunately, Harold’s health insurance company isn’t fully engaged with their provider networks, so even routine transactions require manual processes – and that makes Harold’s healthcare journey less enjoyable for everyone.

In this prequel to our video series documenting patient Bill’s journey, Harold sees first-hand how inefficiencies in the way health plans and providers share clinical and administrative information affect patient care. Even worse, from Harold’s viewpoint, how they can lead to unnecessary costs and wasted time and effort.

Once you’ve seen how inefficiencies in provider-payer engagement affect Harold’s experience, view the next  “Bill’s Journey” videos to see how primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitals are all using the Availity provider engagement platform to work with health insurers so patients get the best, most cost-effective care possible.

Bill Starts His Healthcare Journey
Bill Visits a Hospital