Exploring APIs in Healthcare: A Tweetchat

We’re back at it again with another #AskAvaility tweetchat! Join us on Friday, 11/11 at 1pm EST for Exploring APIs in Healthcare. Steve Sisko (@ShimCode) is returning to our chat joined by Dr. Charles Webster (@wareFLO) and our own Steve Vaughn (@RealSteveVaughn) to discuss the ins, outs, ups, downs, pros, cons, and everything in between regarding APIs in healthcare.

The tweetchat will be held in T1:A1 format with the following topics:

T1: What are the primary challenges and issues in using APIs within the healthcare industry? #AskAvaility

T2: What functionality/capabilities would you like to see in APIs that you aren’t seeing? If you haven’t used APIs why not? #AskAvaility

T3: What does a good healthcare API partner program include? #AskAvaility

T4: What are the concerns you have about partnering with an API vendor/endpoint? #AskAvaility

T5: How are APIs being used to improve patient outcomes? #AskAvaility

T6: What is the next horizon for APIs in healthcare? #AskAvaility

Bring your comments, questions, and ideas and post them to #AskAvaility before the chat or tweet them to the hosts @wareFLO, @ShimCode, and @RealSteveVaughn.

We’re very excited about this conversation so we hope to see you there!

About the Hosts

Steve Sisko

Steve Sisko has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is a consultant focused on healthcare data, technology and services – primarily for health plans, payers and risk-bearing providers. Steve is known as @ShimCode on Twitter and runs a blog at www.shimcode.com. You can learn more about Steve at his LinkedIn page and he can be contacted at shimcode@gmail.com.

Steve Vaughn

Steve Vaughn is a twenty plus year survivor of the IT wars. He has worked for a variety of organizations holding a wide range of technology positions. Currently he runs the organization responsible for all platform development at Availity and he was heavily involved with bringing Availity’s API product to market. You can read Steve’s random thoughts on his blog realstevevaughn.blogspot.com or follow him at @RealSteveVaughn.

Chuck Webster MD

Chuck Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS has degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Intelligent Systems, and Medicine (from the University of Chicago). He's the ex-CMIO for a three-time HIMSS Davies Award-winning pediatric EHR. Dr. Webster currently services as CMIMO (Chief Medical Informatics Marketing Officer) for workflow technology in healthcare. Chuck is a ceaseless evangelist for process-aware technologies in healthcare, including workflow management systems, Business Process Management, and dynamic and adaptive case management. Chuck tweets from @wareFLO and blogs at www.wareflo.com.

About the Moderator


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