You may have heard that Availity recently acquired RevPoint, a Nashville, Tenn.-based company that helps health care businesses optimize their patient collection processes. RevPoint’s patient collections solution, now known as Availity Patient Access, is available immediately to all of our customers. We would love to show it to you. And while we’re happy to share the news that we’re growing, the really important story is why we invested in patient access—and what it could mean for you and your competitors.

Our job is to help make medical business professionals more successful than they already are. The health care market is transforming quickly, shifting significant responsibility for payment to consumers. With that, both patient liability and bad debt are on the rise. We recognize that a successful physician/patient relationship includes a successful financial relationship, including collecting cash at the point of service, and that can be challenging in today’s complex payment environment.

Historically, most payment collection activities have occurred long after the patient has left the facility – which creates back-end work that can significantly delay payment. But today’s savvy medical businesses are placing a new importance on revenue capture at time of service. Between health care reform, the growth of high-deductible health plans and decreasing reimbursements, we know you have to get better on the patient payment side to succeed in your business. Your business needs updated systems to enable significant process improvements and a way to integrate patient payments into your workflow, and we’ve acquired RevPoint to help you get there.

Our new Patient Access solution gives you all the tools you need to move your patient collection efforts earlier in the patient experience, so you can have more timely and consistent cash flow. Availity’s expertise in provider workflows supporting the billing and reimbursement processes will be enhanced with this solution for early-cycle reimbursement, giving you a full suite of patient access tools for improving your business performance.

As always, Availity is working hard to continue earning your business by helping you build a healthy business. The acquisition of RevPoint, and our introduction of Patient Access to our clients, is another example of our commitment to your success.