Assessing Quality Measures: A Tweetchat

As healthcare moves towards value-based care, quality measures are becoming more important for health plans and providers. Join us Friday, 4/14 at 1pm ET for our Assessing Quality Measures tweetchat featuring our own Risk Queen, Susan Bellile (@SKB_RnQ), and The Healthcare IT Guy, Shahid Shah (@ShahidNShah), as we discuss the current and future role of quality measures through technology, legislation, and innovation. If you want to learn about quality measures (or like flexing your current quality measures prowess), THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!! We’ll see you there!

Our tweetchat will be held in T1:A1 format with the following topics:

T1: In what ways should #healthplans be involved w/ quality measures? #AskAvaility

T2: Why is data sharing b/t #healthplans and #providers so important regarding quality measures? #AskAvaility

T3: How do #healthplans best obtain quality measures data right now? How might this change in the near future? #AskAvaility

T4: How will the role of #EHR’s change with regards to quality measures? #AskAvaility

T5: What obstacles currently prevent clinical #data exchange b/t health plans and providers? #AskAvaility

T6: What are your thoughts regarding quality measures in light of current healthcare reform efforts? #AskAvaility

Bring any questions, comments, or ideas to the chat and be sure to tag #AskAvaility. You can also tweet your thoughts to the hosts at @SKB_RnQ, @ShahidNShah, and @Availity.

About the Host

Shahid Shah

Shahid Shah is an award-winning Government 2.0, Health IT, Medical Device Integration software expert with over 27 years of technology strategy, software engineering, entrepreneurship, speaking, and writing experience. Tweet to him at @ShahidNShah.

Susan Bellile

Susan Bellile is a seasoned veteran in the risk and quality space with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is currently employed as the Principal of Health Plan Risk & Quality for Availity and has collaborated extensively with payers and providers on product development and risk and quality analytics throughout her career. Susan tweets from @SKB_RnQ.

About the Moderator


Availity integrates and manages clinical, administrative, and financial data to fuel real-time coordination between providers, health plans, and patients in a growing value-based care environment. Facilitating over 7 million transactions daily, Availity’s ability to provide accurate, timely, and relevant information is vital to the financial success of its customers. You can find more information on Availity at or on Twitter @Availity.