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Health plans rely on data to drive decision making, but when billions of clinical and administrative transactions are processed each year, it can be difficult to distinguish between early trend lines and statistical noise. 


Availity helps health plans cut through the clutter and gain insight into their data with a suite of powerful reporting tools. Our Business Intelligence solution leverages Availity’s unparalleled healthcare network, allowing health plans to analyze providers’ transactions, recognize trends and anomalies, and make more informed decisions. 


Availity 360

Availity Provider Engagement Portal users, both health plans and providers, can access a holistic view of their data flowing through the Availity network. Through a straightforward menu of drop-down selections, users can filter, sort, and export up to 12 months of transaction data—refreshed daily—in real time.


Health plans use Availity 360’s aggregate information to:


  • Evaluate transaction volumes
  • Analyze error and denial trends
  • Recognize patterns that may indicate fraud, waste, or abuse
  • Generate reports based on specific criteria
  • Identify gaps in existing reporting tools


Availity Insights

For health plans that need more in-depth reporting, Availity Insights offers an unparalleled view into their data with customizable, in-depth reporting on up to 36 months of transactions. Users can build, save, schedule, and distribute sophisticated reports tailored to their unique organization, without the need for specialized data analysis skills. In addition, health plans can quickly view their most important key insights through an intuitive, personalized dashboard.

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