Guided workflow to increase collections and reduce claim denials

The front office of an imaging center, just like any other business, is the face of your organization to patients. But healthcare organizations face a unique and growing challenge—a continued rise in high-deductible health plans that make your patients responsible for a higher percentage of their healthcare costs. For imaging centers, this means changing the way you approach your revenue cycle by focusing attention on front-end activities that take place before or when the patient arrives for service.

Do these pain points sound familiar?

  • I need to collect more from patients up front and reduce bad debt
  • I want to help my patients better understand their benefits and financial responsibility
  • I’m losing patients over billing problems, front desk experience, or long waits for scheduling
  • I want more automated workflows to drive a consistent patient experience
Availity Customers Seeing Results

Availity Patient Access for Imaging Centers

Part of our Patient Access Management suite, Availity Patient Access is a modular solution with options customized for imaging centers. Choose from a standard or enhanced package, and customize with the addition of our cloud-based, single-sign-on AuthPal module. Patient Access provides your employees with access to real-time patient data allowing your front-desk staff to make better decisions, be more efficient, and accurately resolve patient collections at the point of service.

How It Works

Standard Patient Access – Designed specifically for imaging centers, our standard Patient Access package includes customizable workflow management, reliable eligibility, simple and accurate patient estimates, and reporting with productivity tracking. Learn More (link_to_PA_standard_one_pager)

Enhanced Patient Access – Some imaging centers need additional capabilities to help them better manage pre-service efficiency. Enhanced Patient Access includes all the standard features above, plus the following:

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Availity PAM How it Works
Availity PAM Imaging Center

Availity customers are seeing results:

  • Increased up front collections of 200% or more
  • Reduction of front-end related denials by 50% and elimination of downstream costs for those appeals or write-offs
  • Empowered front-office staff through streamlined workflows, financial scripting, and real-time data
  • Enhanced productivity and profitability through workflow improvements guided by reporting
  • Improved patient experience through better front office interactions and a simplified patient access process
  • Increased efficiency for data verification and multi-system workflows through HIS or PM system integration

Request a demo today and see how Patient Access gives your organization better information to collect more up front.