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Availity CEO Russ Thomas Joins the Definitively Speaking Podcast

Availity CEO Russ Thomas recently joined the Definitively Speaking podcast to discuss the systemic factors driving the misalignment between payers and healthcare providers and shared how technology can simplify Utilization Management and prior authorization workflow.

How can payers and providers create more transparency in the claims process? Can AI and other tech solve payers’ yield problems? “The language of authorizations is particularly complex because unlike standard transactions like claims and eligibility and things like that, an authorization is both an administrative and a clinical transaction,” Thomas said. “There’s a great opportunity for someone to sit in the middle of that conversation between a payer and provider and to translate provider intent into payer language and payer response into provider language. And what I see is a broad desire on the part of both payers and providers to simplify that workflow.”

Listen to the entire podcast here. To learn more about Availity’s end-to-end prior authorization solutions, click here.