Magellan Healthcare and Availity


Magellan behavioral health network providers: Make the switch to Availity Essentials.

Secure, online provider transactions will move to Availity.

Magellan Healthcare and Availity have teamed up to make it easier for you to manage healthcare for members online.

On Availity Essentials, you can: 

  • Obtain patient eligibility, benefits and accumulated amounts
  • Easily access Magellan-specific applications and resources (via a single-sign on from Availity) through a Magellan Payer Space.

We are introducing additional features – such as claims remittance and EOBs – on Availity Essentials in the future, gradually replacing those functionalities on the Magellan provider website.  Magellan’s secure provider portal at will remain available during the transition to Availity. 

One password is the key to information from multiple payers. is a multi-payer site where you can use a single user ID and password to work with Magellan and other participating payers online. Availity is HIPAA compliant, and there is no cost for providers to register or use any of the online tools. 

Let's get started.

  • If you are already registered on Availity Essentials, you’re all set to use it for Magellan transactions when available.
  • If you are not registered for Availity Essentials, register now so you have access to the most up-to-date resources and tools for working with Magellan. To begin, visit and click REGISTER or access our registration support page. 

Magellan's payer space.

Payer Spaces on Availity Essentials make it easy for you to navigate to a payer’s proprietary applications, resources, and information. The Payer Spaces drop-down menu gives you the option to select these transactions via single sign on (SSO):

  • Check your network status
  • Submit claims, check claim status and access EOBs
  • Request authorizations, view authorization status, and access associated letters
  • Update your practice data, availability, and preferences
  • Chat live with Magellan staff
  • Access additional functionality via links to

Need training? Looking for a tool? 

Training – getting started with Availity 

Once you have registered, click Help & Training > Get Trained in Availity Essentials to access the Availity Learning Center. Click Sessions at the top of the page. Enroll in a live webinar customized to Magellan Healthcare to learn about using Availity’s tools and features to better manage your patients’ healthcare online.

Tools – view crosswalk and access help topics 

Once you are registered, log in to Availity Essentials and click Help & Training > Find Help. Search for the Magellan Healthcare to Availity Essentials Crosswalk topic to learn where to find tools and features on Availity Essentials and the roles needed to access the tools and features. 

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