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Connect to health plans nationwide with EDI Clearinghouse

Healthcare trading partners must seamlessly deliver critical healthcare information to their customers. Availity is the healthcare network trading partners can trust to deliver on that commitment. Availity processes more than 13 billion transactions annually, has connections to every payer in the country, and maintains an unparalleled commitment to security and reliability.

Submit core HIPAA transactions

Availity securely transmits the following transactions via SOAP, RESTful, and batch submissions.

  • Eligibility and Benefits (270)
  • Remittances (835)
  • Claim Submission (837 I, P, D)
  • Claim Status (276)
  • Authorization and Referral (278)

Take advantage of exclusive, value-added content

Availity gives trading partners exclusive access to value-added health plan content that offers better transactional information, helping streamline customers operations. The following are some of the APIs available: 

  • Member ID Card
  • Care Reminders
  • Is Auth Required
  • Enhanced Claim Status 

To see the full portfolio of RESTful and HL7® FHIR® APIs, visit our API Marketplace.

Get the support you need when you need it

When trading partners choose Availity, they are choosing a company that understands how important the exchange of healthcare data is to everyone—from the payer to the provider to the patient. Availity is available to help with technical connections, Payer IDs, and more.

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