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Identify attachment requirements before claim submission

Find out how one health system reduced denials and accelerated reimbursement with Essentials Pro Attachments.


Faced with a high denial rate and an average of 40 days in A/R, a large regional health system was looking for ways to reduce staff rework and improve revenue cycle performance. The health system’s revenue cycle team determined that many denials were the result of claims submitted without payer-required documentation, and they wanted to identify this requirement before claims were submitted to the payer. They wanted a solution that would be simple to use, fit into existing billing workflows, and integrate seamlessly with their Epic EHR.


The health system participated in a three-month pilot of Availity Essentials Pro’s Attachments solution, which applies edits before claims submission to identify and stop those that are likely to require attachments. During the pilot, the health system processed more than 11,000 claims, representing over $16M in payments, and saw a significant decrease in denials for additional documentation. The edits notified staff about the need for an attachment and allowed them to take action, which reduced the health system’s average days in A/R by 41% and minimized staff time spent on follow-up and rework. The intuitive workflow streamlined the process of attaching the documentation to the claim, saving hundreds of hours of staff time.



Reduced time to adjudication


decrease in denials for additional documentation


hours of work and rework saved in just three months

Availity’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for providers to include attachments. Via secure file transfer protocol from within the EHR workflow, Availity can marry the claim and the documentation together and send them to the payer as a complete package.

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