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EDI Clearinghouse for Network Resellers

As an EHR or practice management system vendor, your priority is delivering exceptional service and reliability for your provider customers. But that’s not easy when you don’t have the tools required to manage your customers’ EDI connectivity and billing.

Availity’s EDI Clearinghouse for Network Resellers solution is specifically designed for vendors who resell clearinghouse services as a value-added complement to their core service. Not only can you offer your provider customers access to Availity’s robust network of payers, but you have a sophisticated toolset to better manage customer contracts and connectivity.

Leverage the Availity Network

With the commoditization of EDI clearinghouse services, reseller margins are increasingly tight. But as a reseller of Availity’s clearinghouse services, you can offer your customers competitive pricing for access to the nation’s largest real-time health information network with connections to more than 2,000 payers nationwide, including government payers like Medicaid and Medicare.

Provider Management Made Easy

Setting up and maintaining integrated connectivity for batch and real-time transactions can be challenging, and your customers rely on you to take the confusion out of the process. Availity’s Managed Contracted Providers tool gives you hands-on access to your customers’ network settings, allowing you to troubleshoot any problems. You can:

  • Add Providers: Availity takes security seriously, so every provider organization that submits transactions to Availity must first register for access on the Availity Portal. These security requirements do not allow vendors to register on behalf of providers. Once they’re registered, you can add them to your organization, and Availity sends an automated email to the provider administrator inviting them to connect with you for clearinghouse services. Real-time status lets you see whether they’ve accepted, so you don’t have to manually track responses.
  • Select EDI Preferences: You can set up a provider organization’s preferred response files from health plans for claims, remits, and other transactions. Whether you support just one software application or you manage several, you have the flexibility to manage preferences at the vendor level or the individual provider organization level
  • Manage Enrollments: It’s difficult to keep track of the many different payer enrollment processes, but Availity simplifies it by showing you each payer’s requirements. Providers can submit individual or bulk enrollments. Once submitted, it’s easy to track the enrollment process and see when it’s completed.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Because you’re financially responsible for transactions submitted by providers under your organization, Availity allows you to suspend or cancel provider access to Contract Required payer IDs, if necessary.

Visibility into Transactional Data

When customers have questions about their submissions, you want to be able to quickly review their transaction data. EDI Clearinghouse for Network Resellers includes access to Availity 360, which allows you to see the volume of transactions by transaction type, the success rate, if they were rejected, and the reason for the rejection.

Upgraded Offerings

Depending on your needs, Availity offers several upgrade options, including access to a more robust reporting tool for deeper, value-added insight into your provider practices’ financial performance. We can also assume the enrollment process for your providers with our white-glove service.


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