Improving patient engagement for practices and medical groups
Improving Patient Engagement

Healthcare consumerism drives increased focus on patient satisfaction

If you’re seeing an increase in patient attrition at your practice, you should take a look at your patient access processes. A recent study found that 96 percent of patient complaints are related to issues at the front desk, including billing problems, long waits to see clinicians, and discourteous staff. In the past, patients were more tolerant of these inconveniences, but increasingly they are saying no to the status quo.

What’s behind the change? The rise of healthcare consumerism. As patients pay more out of pocket for their healthcare, they are being more selective in who they choose as a provider. Even if they are otherwise satisfied with clinical care, issues at the front desk might cause them to go elsewhere. If you hope to keep your existing patients and attract new ones, you need to evaluate your entire practice through the eyes of your patients.

Don’t let poor front-desk workflows affect your relationship with patients. Consider ways to automate manual processes and improve patient satisfaction.