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New features keep your account even more secure

Availity helps healthcare providers and health plans connect, making it easier to share clinical, financial, and administrative information. We value your business and respect the security of your patient data, which is why we’re introducing additional authentication measures.

You’ll notice a few new things as you continue to work with us through the Provider Portal.

  • When you register a new account, you’ll be asked to verify your identity, using the same techniques used by banks and online merchants. We don’t keep the information we use to confirm who you are, once the verification is complete.
  • We’re also adding a 2-step authentication to your portal login process. You’ll access your account by entering a code we send you via text, email, or other methods.
  • Availity does not permit users to share accounts or login credentials under any circumstances. If you have inherited an account from a co-worker, or your office is sharing an account on the Provider Portal, you’ll need to ask your administrator(s) to assign you an account that’s personal to you. Signing in with someone else’s User ID and password is not allowed on the Availity portal. Not only that, but sharing credentials may also violate your employer’s policies.

Have question? We have answers to many of the frequently asked questions.