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Don’t just manage denials—take active steps to prevent them

We may never completely eliminate denials, but there are ways to proactively prevent them, particularly recurring denials caused by your claim workflow. From small practices to large Epic health systems, we see a surge in customers working to dramatically reduce error rates, improve cash flow, and reduce write-offs.

How are they doing it?

  1. Off the shelf, most EHR systems, revenue cycle tools, or PM systems have denial management capabilities. Unfortunately, the task of integrating those technologies is often left to the provider. Best-in-class organizations push their vendors to help them long after implementation. Don’t just install, help me integrate.
  2. Next, best practice organizations build strategies that optimize their workflows across systems. It’s hard work to build and maintain end-to-end denial prevention strategies that work for your unique organization. Top providers do have a secret however—a continuous loop where they actively study reporting for trends, take action quickly on findings, and then begin monitoring for new opportunities. Their denial team includes dedicated internal resources and external SMEs from their EHR, PM, and RCM systems. Will your RCM vendor go the distance? Will they help you optimize your workflows?

Denied claims may be a fact of life, but denial rates can be controlled. How much are denials costing your practice? Want to learn more on how our customers are becoming denial prevention heroes? Find out more in the infographic below.