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Authorizations… in Seconds

Prior authorizations, a critical tool of utilization management, are necessary for establishing checks and balances in the healthcare system. Unfortunately, too many providers and health plans consider the prior authorization process, which relies heavily on manual interventions and analog technologies, burdensome and a potential impediment to timely patient care.

It’s time for the healthcare industry to adopt tools and technology that deliver speed, scale, and intelligence to an administrative function critical to optimized care, cost controls, and payer-provider collaboration.

Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, is empowering health plans and their provider networks to speed the prior authorizations process from days to seconds. Using solutions centered on automation and artificial intelligence, deliver unprecedented control, transparency and scale to your organization, provider network, and members.

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Availity has curated resources to help you and your team make informed, strategy-first decisions on infusing your utilization management program with business intelligence that improves care management and drives disciplined innovation across your enterprise.

Moreover, these resources demystify AI and automation by offering bringing clarity to a process riddled with confusion and providing technology recommendations to solve your business and operational challenges.

Learn more about the Availity tools and services you can use to deliver enduring transformation to your organization.