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A Few of My Favorite Things (about Availity’s New Remittance Viewer)

As Product Line Manager, it’s my job to try different approaches for gathering better feedback from our users. That’s why, when I was first tasked with redesigning Availity’s Remittance Viewer tool, I started with a customer advisory board. This insider channel helped me elicit raw feedback from my target audience. Additionally, daily reports and in-person provider usability studies have helped increase my understanding of our users’ pain points. The result is a redesigned, shiny new Remittance Viewer Tool. Here are a few of my favorite things:

Advanced searching

When I met with providers one-on-one, I learned that they often don’t have the check number or claim number to search by, so we expanded the options. Now you can use the data you have on hand, such as NPI, Member ID, patient number or service date, to see if you have payments.

More details, more depth

The biggest misunderstanding I see through online feedback is that data is missing from the new Remit Viewer. Providers are often surprised to learn that we have the full X12 plus additional proprietary data from payers. Clicking the hyperlinks will expose the supplemental data of the X12. By giving payers a channel to add more comments in the X12, providers have more opportunity to self-serve.

The enduring power of paper

At Availity, we understand that the rise of electronic transactions has not yet brought about the death of paper. Paper is still part of many providers’ daily mix so we kept this feature from the old tool. You can print one claim per page or multiple claims per page.

Looking ahead

Research and regular check-ins are crucial for success. Seeking wisdom from our users who interact with our tools every day has helped me uncover a trove of insights. I’ll continue to tap into the knowledge of our payers and providers. In the meantime, check out my video interview in Availity Plugged-IN.

From the Availity Portal, go to Claims & Payments | Claim Status and Remittance Viewer | Remittance Viewer. (You must have the Claim Status Role.)


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