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Training – The Gift That Keeps on Giving


12.06.2016 by AVAILITY


As 2016 comes to a close, you are probably wrapping up a few last projects and making your holiday vacation plans. Before you scoot off to grandma’s house or strap on the skis for a downhill adventure, make sure your budget is in order. And if you have dollars left to spend, spend them wisely.

A “wise” purchase to consider is healthcare training courses for you and your staff. Not only will you maximize your annual budget, but it’s a good opportunity for your employees to sharpen their skills during this slower time of year. With a new presidential administration, 2017 promises to bring a lot of changes to healthcare; however, many regulations like HIPAA and MACRA will likely remain the same. Investing in staff training today can save you money in the long run by introducing more efficient processes and by helping protect your organization from costly compliance violations.
The Availity Learning Center (ALC) offers many affordable courses to help you and your team work more efficiently. Many courses offer CEUs and some are available at bulk discounts for volume purchases. The following are a few of our most popular courses:

If your training budget is tapped out for 2016, don’t worry. The ALC is busy planning its 2017 training calendar. “Our goal is to provide superior, affordable, on-demand training that keeps our clients and their staff abreast of the latest regulations and industry best practices while preparing them for the changes ahead,” said Kristina Oliver, director, Availity Learning Center. “Our students are building a transcript within the Availity portal of courses and skills that will follow them wherever they go.”

You don’t need to be a current Availity customer to access the Availity Learning Center. To learn more or to purchase your training, visit the Availity Learning Center online at www.availity.com/learningcenter.

If you are an existing Availity customer, follow the instructions below to access the Availity Learning Center:

  1. Log in to the Availity Web Portal
  2. Click Help | Get Trained

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