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Availity Lifeline: Self-Service Resources for Providers, Health Plans, and Trading Partners

Availity is offering digital continuity and connectivity for healthcare organizations impacted by Change Healthcare’s cybersecurity event. Availity has created this webpage to help you self-serve with Availity Essentials™ registration and performing key transactions. For those who cannot self-serve, please click HERE to send your help requests to an Availity representative.

Please note: This resource page is for registering on and transacting with Availity Essentials. If you are an existing Availity Essentials Pro™ customer, no action is needed. Essentials Pro customers already have access to transact electronically with sponsoring health plans on the Availity network. New Essentials Pro™ customers can access on-demand training resources through the links below.

Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Event Frequently Asked Questions

Availity has produced this Frequently Asked Questions document about our response to the Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Event. We will continue to update this document as more information becomes available.

Are You a Provider Affected by the Change Healthcare Outage and Need to Get Your Claims Back Online?

This guide will help you quickly find your Payer, determine which Availity claims submission process works best, and walk you through the steps you need to take.

Availity Essentials Registration Help

Availity Essentials enables real-time connectivity to health plans nationwide for eligibility, prior authorizations, remittances, claims management and more. If you are not registered with Availity Essentials, here is how we can help:

Self-Serve Transactions

Providers who are registered with Availity Essentials can self-serve on several transactions, including Eligibility and Benefits, Claim Status, Claims, 837 EDI Batch, Remittance Advices, and 835 EDI Batch. Click the PDF below to lean how to self-serve with these electronic transactions.

Get to Know Availity Essentials Pro: Premium Revenue Cycle Management

For information on transforming your revenue cycle with our premium end-to-end revenue cycle management solution, Availity Essentials Pro, please click HERE

For newly registered Essentials Pro customers please select from the following links to access our customer-exclusive collection of on-demand training materials from our Availity Learning Center (ALC).

Once you have registered for an Availity Essentials account, you can use your login to access the following training demos – be sure to enable pop-ups to access the demos.

Transactions with File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

These training demos provide help submitting and receiving transactions via FTP:

Transactions Via Availity Essentials Portal or Claim Batch Files

These training demos provide help to upload claim batch files and downloading response files by logging directly into the Availity Essentials portal:

Transactions Via Availity Essentials Direct Data Entry Claims Feature

Are you looking for a web data entry claim submission tool to send your CMS-1500 professional claims? Take this training demo to learn more about Availity’s free solution using the new form.