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Stanislav K

Stanislav K

Quality Assurance Analyst II
Jacksonville, FL

Before Stanislav applied for a quality assurance analyst role at Availity, he perused the company profile on LinkedIn, reviews on Glassdoor, and Availity’s website to get more information about our culture and benefits. The company logo on the LinkedIn page had been changed to reflect the colors of the Ukrainian flag, showing Availity’s support of his country.

“I really appreciated what Availity had done for my country, and it strengthened my desire to work here,” he says.

When he applied for the Quality Assurance Analyst II role, his gut instinct told him that this was the right career for him. “I had no references or friends here, just a desire and a premonition it was the right place,” he explains. While his confidence left him a couple of times during the interview process, he got through it and is grateful to the hiring managers for this opportunity. 

Originally from Ukraine, his “lucky” wife won the Green card lottery back in 2018. With a leap of faith, he and his wife, and four-year-old daughter landed in Charlotte, NC. Even without any relatives, friends, or support here in the United States, they wanted a safer and brighter future for their family.

He says, “It was a weird feeling to pack your life in six suitcases, go overseas, and start from scratch when you are 30. Life is an incredible gift, that in most cases, depends on your perception. Everyone has ups and downs; the thing is how we accept them.”

He is very grateful for this opportunity to live here in the United States, discover this country, observe traditions, and celebrate new holidays. Since their arrival, the family has visited 10 states, taken their first cruise (took advantage of living in Florida), been to NFL, NBA and MLB games, and visited Disney World, New York City, and Washington, D.C.. They have created a new life with a lot of good memories, and more is yet to come.

He is most excited for his daughter, who did not speak English at all three years ago. Now she is teaching him how to pronounce some words in English and coaching him on his accent. He loves how funny it is when she switches between languages and from time to time mixes words in one sentence from both languages.

Armed with Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Law, the former professional volleyball player decided to move out of his comfort zone, gain new skills, and grow professionally, and now he is working as a quality assurance analyst. 

He is happy he made the decision to join Availity and believes the company truly cares about employees. “Managers encourage everyone to speak about experiences, and we know that if we say something, it will be heard —  especially when you have people like Charles Townsend. We are blessed to have him on our PDM team,” he states. 

It’s easy to find challenges every day in a fast-growing company.

“A Chinese philosopher once said, ‘Do what you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life.’ That’s me and my career path at Availity,” he says. “Quality Assurance is working closely with developers and product owners, asking a lot of questions, gathering information, finding a way, having a can-do attitude, and solving puzzles.”

He loves the career opportunities and professional development offered at Availity, like the Automation Academy. There are a lot of things to learn, but in the six months since he started, he is testing high-priority tickets for payer clients, and is excited that management believes in and trusts him. He believes Availity gives you what you need to grow as a professional, and managers encourage you to develop your skills. He is passionate about testing and would like to continue growing in this direction and wants to become a QA engineer in the future. He knows that there are excellent training programs, career development, and other opportunities to achieve this goal. 

He wants everyone to know there is a mindset involved in embracing this type of work. He states, “I will not tell you that it was easy to understand how the processes of a large IT healthcare company work. I’m always ready to learn something new, so it’s exciting for me. It’s like reading a book when you don’t know what is on the next page. You can get a familiar task, or you can get a totally new task, and here is where opportunities start for your growth. It’s up to you how you accept them. I’m happy to know that the learning process never stops here. I try to absorb as much information as I can. I try to be grateful to my teammates for their time, effort, and support.” 

He recommends Availity to friends and people interested in healthcare IT because of the growth, the company culture, as well as the flexibility that remote work provides. There are a lot of examples of how management encourages employees to flourish and move up in their career. 

In his free time, he enjoys experiences with his wife and daughter, traveling, and utilizing his professional volleyball experience to train local kids to play. In Stan’s world, inspiration is a source of productivity, and he gets motivated by creating memories and the increased energy from vacations and holidays that Availity makes a priority by encouraging everyone to use PTO.

He wants people thinking about Availity to know that the best time to apply for a position at Availity is yesterday.

Some fun, personal info to share: 

Favorite book – Atlas Shrugged
Favorite movie – Life is Beautiful (1997)
Favorite food – Ukrainian cuisine