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Sateesh A

Sateesh A

Solutions Architect
Bangalore, India

When Sateesh was looking for a new career opportunity, he targeted companies that leveraged cutting-edge technology. He wanted the chance to grow his skills and be part of an organization positioned for the future. Availity met his expectations, and he accepted a position with Availity India two years ago.

As a solutions architect, Sateesh and his team of four use machine learning, Angular, micro-services, and .NET Core to develop applications that help providers streamline their back-end workflows. His team works with other developers, quality analysts, and product and deployment teams in the US and India.

“I could have gone to any other company to improve my technical skills, but at Availity, I’ve been able to learn about how technology fits within U.S. healthcare,” Sateesh said. Because India’s healthcare system is different from the U.S., Sateesh had to learn about core healthcare IT standards, including the EDI x12 data format. He also needed to understand workflows between payers and providers.

Sateesh credits his team for helping him get up to speed quickly on the nuances of the U.S. healthcare system. Although there’s a nine-and-a-half-hour time difference between the U.S. and India, Availity’s technology tools and flexible work hours help bridge the divide. “I interact with highly knowledgeable people every day, and their talent motivates me to learn and grow,” he said.

The time difference hasn’t stopped Sateesh from referring others to work for Availity India. He has recruited former colleagues by focusing on a compelling message: Availity builds products that directly impact the lives of millions of people. He says he hadn’t found that type of satisfaction in other roles.

When he’s not working, Sateesh enjoys playing cricket and watching Netflix movies in his mother tongue, Telugu.

Just for fun

Pets: Two dogs, Molly and Rex

Favorite Movie: Seven Pounds

Favorite Food: South Indian dishes

Favorite Book: Mahabharata

At Availity, we’re in relentless pursuit of simple and efficient solutions for a sustainable healthcare system. And each solution is a result of the collaboration and dedication of our talented, curious, and passionate teams. We wouldn’t want it any other way. The energy of our people and our culture is palpable in every exchange. The diversity of opinions, experiences, backgrounds, and skillsets make our offices remarkably fun and exciting places to work. We readily embrace new challenges and technologies to bring ideas to life. More importantly, we are not afraid to fail, which is critical for innovation. Come find out what it’s like to have fun at work.