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Rob W

Rob W

Director, AI Automation Development
St. Augustine, FL

Rob has been a member of the Availity team for 20 years. During his time at the company, he’s transitioned across several roles – beginning as a developer and working his way through various management and development positions to Director, AI Automation Development. In this role, he enjoys working with his fellow colleagues to leverage AI as an enabling technology for enhancing administrative efficiencies and improving outcomes.

From an early age, Rob had an interest in developing software, first in TRS-80 BASIC and then Atari BASIC. He then moved on to IBM PCs and Compaq computers. Despite this passion, he never thought his path would lead him to a career in computers. After achieving a bachelor’s degree in English, he changed course post-graduation – taking on a role in desktop and network support, followed by a position in software development. This career path eventually led him to Availity.

Availity provided his first experience working in the healthcare industry. Rob fondly recalls asking his colleagues for specs on the HIPAA transaction formats, saying, “It’s data. How hard can it be?” They looked at each other and smirked. From that point on, he got up to speed fast, learning from other associates and growing skillsets and understanding while working at the fringes of X12, followed by a focus on data migration to the cloud.

Today, as Director, AI Automation Development, Rob takes pride in embracing change and implementing new technologies, while upholding a culture of observing, learning, and teaching. He feels most satisfied when he overcomes a difficult problem or fixes a devilish bug. He also loves using innovative technologies and enjoys creating solutions that customers use and value.

Rob is pleased to work alongside many talented individuals who work hard to deliver greatness. When asked his favorite part about Availity, he shares, “It’s the people and the technology. There’s always plenty to learn and people are always eager to try new things and grow at our company.”

He feels that Availity’s diversity committees and the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program offer great opportunities for growth as well. According to Rob, “Availity continually demonstrates its commitment to giving back to the community and celebrating diversity, and we are richer for it. I truly value time spent with people who offer different perspectives. It brings so much joy to give of myself and learn about new aspects of life from others.”

Rob shares most of his free time with his wife of 32 years, with whom he proudly raised five children. As a family, they enjoy marching in pride parades together and celebrating diversity. His oldest son works in software development at Availity too!

Rob’s hobbies and interests include reading, coding, doing crossword puzzles, and collecting fountain pens. His favorite books are “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” by Harriet Jacobs and “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. The movie, “About a Boy” always makes him laugh. Mexican food is his favorite – he could eat tacos, burritos, chimichangas, and chile rellenos at every meal.

To his fellow teammates, he offers the advice, “To be successful at Availity, it’s important to get along, learn from others, bring your A-game, deliver, study on your own, do your best work, get feedback, act on it, and always work your hardest to improve and to deliver every day.”