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Megan S.

Megan S.

Client Services Representative I
Jacksonville, FL

Availity Client Services (ACS) receives thousands of calls each day from customers on a wide range of topics, including Portal registrations, password resets, eligibility and benefits, product support, and more. When there’s a tough question the ACS representative can’t answer, they call on Megan, one of ACS’s subject matter experts. 

Megan is one of eight ACS subject matter experts on a team of more than 130. When a representative realizes they can’t answer the customer’s question, they place the caller on hold and contact Megan. Before Availity’s workforce went remote due to COVID-19, she would proactively stop by colleagues’ desks to see if she could help. 

“Being an ACS representative can be challenging because healthcare’s always changing, but I’ve always loved a challenge, says Megan. “This type of work is rewarding because we are able to directly help the customers we serve.”

Megan’s role alternates every other day, so when she is not helping fellow ACS representatives, she handles online support tickets or helps train new reps.

As an extrovert, Megan enjoys meeting and forming relationships with her coworkers. She especially likes building morale within the department and offers pointers to those who sometimes feel overwhelmed. She helps them recognize that it’s important to stop and take a breath sometimes. Before we can help others, we need to help ourselves.   

Megan’s outgoing personality and her desire to help was obvious from her first day of ACS training in November of 2018. She wanted to learn as much as she could about Availity and wasn’t shy about asking questions of her colleagues, supervisors, and people in other departments. She advises new associates to always be curious and ask questions.

When asked about her career aspirations, she said she would like to become a trainer at Availity, either training providers on the products or training her fellow ACS associates. Her supervisors support and encourage her career growth within the company.

Megan joined Availity after graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Creative Writing. Throughout college, she held several part-time jobs, including a temporary position in the call center at Florida Blue, but she considers her position in ACS the kickstart to her career.

When she is not working, Megan enjoys reading young adult fiction and writing short stories. Before most travel was shut down for COVID, Megan spent a lot of time at Hollywood Studios in Orlando using her annual passes.

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