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Krisi H.

Krisi H.

Director, Product Line
Indianapolis, IN

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” is a sentiment that resonates with Krisi, an Availity product line director based out of Indianapolis. She believes her passion for helping others makes her a more effective product director because she’s focused on developing products that make things easier for providers and their staff.

“We have a responsibility to make patients’ healthcare delivery as seamless as possible,” she said.

An early start to a healthcare career

Krisi started her healthcare career while still in college; she worked part time for a physician’s practice within a large health system. After graduating, she remained with the health system and was promoted first to an accounts receivable role and then to a management role in central billing. She then transitioned to a revenue cycle and compliance officer role for a surgical orthopedic practice where she was mentored by the chief information officer who taught her the key to a successful accounts receivable system was implementing efficient IT solutions. 

Because of her varied experience at this health system, she has a lot of empathy for provider organizations that are evaluating revenue cycle solutions. “I’ve been in their shoes and invested in technology that didn’t meet the needs of the organization,” she said. I value the relationships Availity builds with each of our clients.”

Bringing the provider perspective to Availity

Krisi was recruited to work for RealMed (now Availity) in 2009 as a senior business analyst. She transitioned to a product owner role in 2012, where she helped Availity RCM clients transition to the ANSI 5010 standard, which was launched that year. Throughout her tenure at Availity, Krisi has been promoted to product development manager and now serves as the product line director. 

Today, Krisi leads a product team that focuses on Availity’s pre-service capabilities. Among the many projects they are working on is enhancing the eligibility and benefits transaction to ensure providers have the most robust data available from the payers. 

Krisi enjoys being a mentor to her team and encourages them—and others across the organization—to speak up when they have an idea. “If you have a quiet personality, find an advocate that will help you carry out your vision. The crazy ideas of today are the products of tomorrow,” she said.  

Before COVID-19 grounded travel, she spent a lot of time visiting client sites. Now that she is not getting up for those 5 a.m. flights, Krisi—a self-proclaimed foodie—is spending more time in the kitchen, developing her skills as an amateur chef.

Just for fun

Favorite Food: Stone crab claws

Favorite Movie: I’m an 80s girl. I LOVE Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman

Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird and Gone with the Wind

Pets: A Schnoodle (Schnauzer & Poodle mix) named Geni