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Jess K

Jess K

Product Owner on the Generation Services Team
Spring Hill, FL

Jess K. is celebrating two years as a Product Owner on the Generation Services (GS) team at Availity, where she oversees GS and the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Correction tool.

She has always been a curious person who is self-motivated to learn new things, which is what she enjoys most about her role at Availity; the opportunity to work with developers, other product teams, and leaders, as well as to learn new programs and skills is really fulfilling to Jess. She also loves the opportunity her job presents to embrace challenges as they come and help her fellow team members.

Jess began her career working for an independent physician association (IPA) – first as a Compliance Coder, and then transitioning into the role of Quality Coordinator, responsible for the ACO and HEDIS metrics for the entire organization. Two years later, she was promoted again – this time to Quality Manager, where she was responsible for the IPA’s MRA, HEDIS, and ACO programs. In this role, she worked closely with developers to create an NCQA Certified HEDIS Portal and a dashboard for the organization’s BPCI-A program – fueling her desire to further her career in healthcare technology.

According to Jess, the culture at Availity is what sets the company apart from others in the healthcare industry. She cites a recent example in which the upper management supported her team at all hours of the night – helping to address and work through challenges during the release of a big source system.

“The Availity leadership was there to help, and it was appreciated. It truly made it feel like we were on a much larger team and proved that everyone at Availity, regardless of their role, is there to support each other and help each other succeed,” she shared. “In fact, I have a folder on my desktop that is called, ‘someone showed me,’ which includes queries, searches, and other useful information that has been shared with me or shown to me by other team members. This highlights the true spirit at Availity and exemplifies just how much everyone cares.”

When she’s not working, one of Jess’ favorite ways to recharge is to build or fix things around the house. She and her girlfriend recently built a shed, updated their downstairs bathroom, and replaced one of the second-floor shower drains. She also enjoys spending time with her pets, which include two dogs, one cat, and one snake; eating authentic Mexican, Latin American, and Indian food; and playing video games – Hogwarts Legacy, Mario Kart, FIFA, and Call of Duty are her go to’s. Jess’ favorite show is “Ted Lasso” because it influences her to be curious, positive, and more open with others.

When asked her advice to others, Jess responded, “Always ask questions, don’t be judgmental, be kind, and take time to help someone else if they need it.”

Thank you so much for the positivity and hard work that you bring to the Availity team, Jess! We appreciate all that you do!